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Welcome to PPC

Powerpuff Central's Stats :

PPC Established 04-24-99

On 50megs.com as of 07-25-99

Maintained by Sunstar

Last Updated 10-01-99

Powerpuff Girls

Well, I see that you've already run into the Welcoming Commitee!

I'm glad you decided to come on over! But before Bubbles shows you the way in, let me tell you a little bit about this site you've stumbled across!

My PPC was not only designed as a Tribute to Craig McCracken's wonderful series "The Powerpuff Girls," but rather for a place where you can learn and enjoy everything about the cute little darlings! When you visit here my greatest hope is for you, as fans of the show, to have fun and take part in the Celebration! So please DO raid the image galleries, take what you need and enjoy yourself! That's what PPC is about.

Also, to get the most out of P.P.C.you should try to view it at 800x600 screen resolution, at thousands of colors, with either a Netscape Communicator 4.0-4.01 browser or I.E. 5.0.

Please Vote for my site! I appreciate it a lot when you do. I've already won an award for getting 3rd place, with the help of you guys I could get 1st(my dream come true ^-^). I thank all of you for the effort you have already put into voting, thanx! For specifics on updates check out the updates section!

So what are you waiting for? Go and See What it's all About!


Copyright Stuff

Copyright Notices : All Powerpuff Girls Images Are property of Craig McCracken, Hannah Barbara, and Cartoon Network. Love Love mouse code provided by JavaC .

Y'all come back now ya hear! :)

I got 3rd place for the month of July!

This page, is maintained by Sunstar You may take things from the Image Galleries and Multimedia sections, however, you cannot take any of the graphics I have altered. It took me hours to make them so please respect my wishes. This page is for the enjoyment of people like you. Please Enjoy!